Presentation of the site's charter

Dear friends of STLPDM,

the site's charter for the publication of articles is now available in French and English.


Editorial Practices & Ethics

1 / General rules to be applied:

- Any content to be shared and/or published on STLPDM website is to be done under the sole individual responsibility of his/her author, in his/her personal name. In any case, neither the association SI TOUS LES PORTS DU MONDE (STLPDM) nor STLPDM legal representatives are nor can be held responsible for comments, contents, opinions and / or points of view expressed and / or published by its members.

- Any content to be shared and / or published on the STLPDM website must respect fundamentals of personal,accountable, human and fraternal expression.In brief:«speaking without harming, showing without shocking, testifying without attacking, denouncing without condemning ».

- Any content to be shared and / or published within the STLPDM website must respect STLPDM’s network spirit and letter, initial vocation, state of mind and philosophy of ideas, actions and operations. In particular: worldwide openness, culture and education, economic development,goodwill, respect, curiosity,value creation, commitment and experience sharing.

- Any content is to be carried out on its solely individual basis, without any anonymity, in line with regulatory compliancy rules and in accordance with French rules of law, and consistent with core principles of morality, integrity and common sense.

- Only STLPDM active members can publish content(s) on STLPDM website.

2 / Objectives of contents to be created, shared and / or publishedon the website:

- Any content to be created, shared and / or published on the STLPDM website must be in line with the STLPDM and members’ general interest. Please refer to the fundamentals describing mission and values underlying STLPDM network, goal and state of mind.

- Any content to be created, shared and / or published on the STLPDM website must reflect a personal, authentic opinion, and a source ofvalue creation.Anonymity of comments being by nature prohibited, everyone will strive to maintain asense of proportionin ideas, comments or contentposted, taking into accountthemulticulturalism that is at our core.

- As a reminder, no communication operation nor action for commercial, marketing or promotional purpose, individually and / or collectively, is eligible for publication on the STLPDM site. Any content must respect the spirit and letter of the association, its corporate purpose and / or statutes.

3 / Published materials (angle, genre, format):

-Angleseligiblefor publicationon the site include:technical, practical, historical, anecdotal, economic, financial, controversialetc.

- Genres eligible for publicationon the site include:analysis,synthesis, point of view, interview, report, testimony, etc.

- Formats eligible for publication on the site include: drafts, podcasts,videos,photos, computer graphics and illustrations.

4 / Dissemination and promotion of content:

- The President of STLPDMacts as amoderator andcan, if necessary, refuse the posting of content that is deemedunsuitable, and / or remove from STLPDM website elements that aredeemedunsuitable to thespirit and/or letterof STLPDM network.

- Any content to be publishedon STLPDM website may also be sharedover variouscommunication channels belonging to STLPDM association, where and when appropriate (other socialnetworks – i.e. Facebook, Twitter -, print, audio, other media, etc.).

- Each member of STLPDM network expressly grants the right to use any published content by STLPDM association for internal communication, information and / or promotion of STLPDM network purpose only.

- Any dispute relating to STLPDM website content and/or usage will be directly & solely managed by STLPDM’s Board, in directcontact withtheperson(s)involved.


As agreed bytheBoard on November, 21st 2020.

Do not hesitate to post one now. 

Kind regards to all of you.

Georges Serre

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Wednesday 2 December 2020 12:22
Wednesday 2 December 2020 12:22

Merci à tout le bureau pour cette charte ! Joli travail