Former Deputy Mayor
Responsible for Culture and Tourism

Genoa City Council adopted a new logo: the genesis of the project.
Genoa means the sea, the mountains but also the largest historical centre in Europe. However, Genoa is ‘More Than This’, as the logo of the town says. From now on, under the name of Genova (Genoa in Italian), you can read this logo, in a geometrical way, white on a red ground, or the other way round. This new logo was created within the European project Urbact-CityLogo, Eurocities.
Together with Oslo, Warsaw, Saragossa, Coimbra, Utrecht, Dundee, Alba Iulia and Aarhus, Genoa participated to the European Urbact project on town attractiveness and image promotion.
The Former Deputy Mayor, Carla Sibilla, recalls the competition which allowed them to carry out this new logo project: “This logo was created thanks to the participation of the citizens and all the stakeholders, companies, associations, research centres, tourism, youth organisations. From this significant work, we came to a label which is “not a logo for the town, but The Town, the expression of our Genoese identity”.
This logo is an asset for all the initiatives organized in Genoa. It has become an immediate recognition element of our town, and is used in the tourist offices, available for everyone, with free downloading”.
373 projects competed in front of a panel of experts in marketing and communication, coordinated by the department for Communications and the promotion of the town.
The winners, Anna and Valeria Morando, explain their creation: “ The logo is in English, so everyone who sees the logo from abroad can feel invited to discover the town by making it alive. The logo can unfold horizontally and vertically. This emphasizes the concept of multi-level towns, with geographical and cultural layers. The choice for the red colour was dictated by the history of the town.
It is the colour of Saint Georges cross, a symbol of the former republic of Genoa. The G and O are highlighted to become strong graphic elements. The parenthesis, in the red ground version, completes the logo and shows the deep meaning of the entences we write…”