The city is located on the Trondheim fjord surrounded by forests, valleys, and mountains, with the Nidelva River winding its way through the town. The kind effects of the Gulf Stream bless Trondheim with a mild climate. Trondheim was founded by the Viking Olav Tryggvason in 997. Rich in history and tradition, the city has been the historical capital of Norway, the seat of the Archbishop, and it was there that Norwegian kings were traditionally crowned. In the 17th and 18th centuries, Trondheim earned its reputation as a merchant city reinforced by immigrants from Flensburg in Northern Germany and Jutland in Denmark.

Trondheim is a modern city with internationally renowned educational institutions and an important centre for maritime, technological and medical research. These institutions and the many spin-offs from their research place Trondheim in the upper echelons of Europe’s technological innovative communities. One person out of six is a student and ideas and projects initiated in the academic and research communities are turned into viable enterprises, giving the community special expertise and new and exciting job opportunities.

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